Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories

Secure and wear your wigs and head wear comfortably and confidently​

Wig Stay® Comfort Band is a stay-flat, non-bulky, non-slip band that keeps wigs, headbands, caps, hats and scarves on securely with an unmovable fit.

Wig Stay® Comfort Band is also great for holding your hair in place during sporting activities or while applying makeup.

Available in Stretchable Velvet and 

Silicone with Micro grippers

Wig Stay® Invisible System Tape helps to keep your wigs, toupees and topper secure during wear.  Not recommended to be used on knots or directly on bio hair

Wig Stay® Invisible System Tape is also a replacement tape for your tape extensions

Available in 1/3  x 3 yard rolls and 60 piece pre-cut package.

Wig Stands

Great for drying or storing wigs

Available in pink, black & white

Styrofoam Head

Keeps wigs & hair pieces in place while styling.

Extension Clips

Great for making your own clip-in pieces

And for making toppers more secure

Wig Comb

Recommended for detangling and styling

Nylon Wig Caps

Wig Combs

Add more security to your wigs